about my PlayGround

Welcome to My Play Ground. Here you'll find different areas of code that I've been toying with and tweaking. Some of the examples are presented with their associated code, while others are not; but in all cases, the code is purely ASP/VbScript with a little bit of JavaScript hacking here and there. If you really want to know the code behind some of the examples, then feel free to and we'll talk.

I realize that I haven't updated my Play Ground in a while; the truth of the matter is I've been waist-deep in SharePoint. If you're interested, I have been keeping up with my SharePoint development blog.

Well, that's all for now,
::kindler chase::


All of the code and examples presented in my playground are either modifications of open source code or original works of Kindler Chase DBA Roubaix Interactive or a combination of both and are Copyright protected unless noted otherwise. You may not use the code here without asking first. OK, so I know you're not going to ask, so how about a nice thank you for playing gift?

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This page last updated on 10/29/2019