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Roubaix Interactive is a Web Development company founded in 1998, specializing in creating intelligent and creative web sites.

Our background not only goes back to the very early days of the Internet, but also in Graphic Design since the early 1980's. We have extensive experience in visual marketing concepts and photo editing as well.

With our artistic talents, marketing savvy, and intensive technology background, we are able to provide a solid, all-around service to our clients.

We have a wide range of clients across many industries, from the small home business and non-profits, to large corporate 1000 companies.

In addition to our own creations, we also provide authoring and consulting to several online Design forums and Tutorial Websites. We've developed a reputation for innovative development tools used by other design firms, and exceptional award winning creative design.

We look forward to talking with you.

Kindler Chase
Head Gopher

Roubaix Interactive